vinval_historyVINVAL, a rising DJ/Producer has been making an impact on the electronic music scene since he began his career in his native city of Toronto in early 2001.He is respected in the underground circuit and has never compromised his passion for the music he’s produced.

He slowly gained a solid reputation as a real underground house DJ beginning with playing extremely unique, European inspired, Progressive House tracks, Tribal bass lines, Minimal Tech House and Progressive Trance that had rarely been experienced in the average mainstream club circuit. His undeniable high energy music and personality was brought to one of the USA’s most competitive electronic music spots, the San Francisco Bay area, where he fit right in playing music with the best during this period including: “JJ Flores” and “Star Killers” to name a few.

VINVAL has been involved in celebrity events such as Paris Hilton’s “My New BFF” opening party, a “wrap” party for the ABC show Castle, and a private party for legendary comic book artist (Spider-Man) Michael Turner of MARVEL comic fame.

Whether VINVAL is playing music for crowds of steady club goers, or intimate groups of celebrity VIPs, he still never compromises the sound that is undeniably his own.

He achieved a personal goal in January 2014 by completing Apple’s Logic Pro X audio engineering software technician certificate program.

VINVAL’s has a genuine love for his music and fans. He is in the studio constantly and is surely going to be a future leader of underground EDM (Electronic Dance Music).


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